A checkup on Laundry…. Then and now.

I wrote a year or so ago about my dryer going out, and how I was doing my laundry. I wanted to check back in with laundry this morning and see where I am now, from where I was then. My laundry routine- KISS principle driven- I used to fret over sorting types of laundry… More »

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A clothesline— in September?

You bet!  Like I’ve said previously, I made it work for me.  I bought a retractable clothesline for 15.95 with free shipping and installed it across my closet, bedroom, and bathroom.  2 days to come in, 15 minutes to install, and I had a new dryer.  My laundry was caught up within a day or… More »

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Bragging Rights in the Laundry Department

I want to take a minute to brag about how well I’ve been doing on laundry lately.  A few short months ago it was out of control yet again- a standard occurrence at least 4-5 times a year (and catching up took a little while too).  And then the dryer broke. Or maybe not.  Nope,… More »

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Personal Sustainability Promise- Check in…

After about a week and a half or so with the recycling PSP, I am glad that I decided to do this over the course of a month and a half because the first week and a half has not gone well.  Between gnats, leaky trash bags, and dishwasher problems (which probably led to the… More »

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Tasty Tuesday- Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are one of those fruits that spend most of June in season where I am, and straggle to some degree on everbearing plants for a while longer.  Growing up at our house strawberry shortcake was a special treat every summer.  And what I have found out since I’ve had kids of my own is… More »

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